Reimagined in the context of the Nazi invasion of Crete in 1941, the classic Euripides play Electrafinds a new and chilling life in the painstaking hands of Greek-Colombian director SpirosStathouloupoulos, whose ingenious use of sound as emotional narrative material creates an entireuniverse the spectator cannot see but definitely feel.

A fearless Angeliki Papoulia (The lobster, Dogtooth) carries the proceedings, embodying thetroubled soul of a child who reaches adulthood in a deeply seated bitterness and hateful rage againsther mother, who not only betrayed her and her brother, but expelled her to a life of poverty. Herobsessive resolution to avenge her father turns her into a murderous fighter, who walks a fine linebetween what is righteous and the ultimate crime of matricide.

Told in just 24 long takes as an homage to cinema’s enduring life, the feature film’s sustainedtension, captured in the woman’s face and bodily tenacity reminds us of the medium’s ability toconvey the most pressing stories, as it invites us to imagine and experience the tormented destiny ofits undying, mythical character.


by Spiros Stathoulopoulos

In addition to the study of human action when influenced by fundamentalism, I treasure from Euripides' Electra that its dramatic materialization exists not only in the concrete domain but in the abstract domain of imagination.

Inciting imagination, Electra excludes most images of sex & violence or depicts them in dialogue,however, for a film adaptation, I preferred not to rely on dialogue but on atmospheric sound.

Hence, in creating a film that is essentially a psychological illusion, most images are suggested off-screen and its atmospheric sound allows the viewer to imagine the universe surrounding the vengeful daughter yearning to assassinate her mother in the name of God.


Known as one of Colombia's most prominent and original auteurs, Greek-Colombian film director and screenwriter Spiros Stathoulopoulos gained international recognition with his debut PVC-1(2007). The uncut cult film, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and depicts the true story of a rural Colombian mother who was turned into a time bomb.METEORA (2012), his second film, competed for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Setin the UNESCO World Heritage medieval monasteries, it deals with a forbidden love story between a young Greek Orthodox monk and an older Russian Orthodox nun. KILLING KLAUS KISNKI(2016), his section from the omnibus film Amazonas (2016), was selected at Clermont-Ferrand and recreates the film set from Fitzcarraldo (1982) to confront the egos of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski.



Greek film actress and theatre director and actress. Widely praised by the international press, with Der Spiegel calling her "one of the most fearless European actresses working today'”. In 2016 she was a member of the Locarno International Film Festival Pardi di domani Jury and of the Sarajevo International Film Festival Competition Jury. In 2009, she had the leading part of 'Older Daughter' in Yorgos Lanthimos' Oscar nominated and Cannes Film Festival winner DOGTOOTH and for her part she was awarded with Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress. In 2011, her collaboration with Lanthimos continued in ALPS that was awarded with the Best Screenplay Award at the Venice International Film Festival. In 2014 Angeliki Papoulia had the leading part of 'Maria' in Syllas Tzoumerkas' A BLAST which premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival. In 2015, she appeared as the 'Heartless Woman' in Yorgos Lanthimos' Cannes awarded and Oscar nominated THE LOBSTER.



Scottish actor who has worked with many of the most respected directors in world cinema,including Danny Boyle, Mike Leigh, Ridley Scott, Joon-Ho Bong, Werner Herzog and WoodyAllen. Ewen has established himself by creating unique characters in critically acclaimed films, as well as going toe to toe with many of Hollywood's biggest stars. In 1996, he had the part of Spud in Danny Boyle's classic TRAINSPOTTING. In 2000, he played Mullet in Guy Ritchie's and Brad Pitt starrer SNATCH. In 2001, he played Nelson in Ridley Scott's double Oscar winner BLACK HAWK DOWN and played Red in Michael Bay's one time Oscar winner PEARL HARBOR. In2005, he appeared as Inspector Dowd Mullet in Woody Allen's thriller MATCH POINT. In 2013,he played Andrew in the Bong Joon Ho action film SNOWPIERCER. In 2017, he played Charlie in the Patty Jenkins popular hit WONDER WOMAN.


CAVEWOMAN premiered in November 2022 in Greece, its country of origin, at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, where it won the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation Award bestowed to a film that presents a comprehensive aesthetic proposition, promotes the art of cinema art and demonstrates its affinities with the other arts.

Jury's reasoning: "To a particularly inventive film that interweaves ancient and historical drama with mythology, addressing a larger-than-life story with a personal narrative and stripped-down cinematic means, achieving to extract its full essence".