Founded a decade ago, originally as a venue to exhibit artwork, Solar evolved into Solar Cinema and became Colombia’s leading film production company in experimental cinema. Since 2016 it has expanded its operations to also produce non experimental films.



In a deserted land, Caviche and Chelina face a difficult decision when, fearing her violent father, she decides to interrupt her unexpected pregnancy. To finance the abortion, they feel forced to venture into the world of gasoline smuggling where they embark on a challenging journey. Amid the aridity of the road, their love will be tested as they fight to survive and find a way out. In Postproduction | 1h 30min | Spanish | Drama | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. Teaser



During the Nazi invasion of Greece, a female resistance fighter embarks on a revenge operation to assassinate her own mother. Thessaloniki International Film Festival | 100 min | Greek, English | Drama | Produced by Candelaria Films in association with Solar Cinema | 2022 Trailer



As night falls, in a cabin lost in the woods, Isaac undergoes strange transformations. Warsaw Film Festival | 17min | Spanish | Horror | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. in association with Token Audiovisual | 2022 Trailer



Far into the mountains, in a community led by a preacher named El Señor, a new child who is supposed to be the new messiah, is brought, and with him destruction and redemption. Soon, everything will change. Not only for the town, but on the preacher's home as his 3 daughters start to wonder the real origins of God itself, the nature of love, pleasure and inner freedom. Sitges Film Festival | 1h 43min | Spanish | Western, Fantasy | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. in association with Afasia films | 2019 Trailer



After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father’s truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation. Corn and Rita must find a way to repair the truck in time to pick up the tourists that will be staying at their family’s hotel. As they struggle to find the means necessary to conceal the accident, the siblings will visit a butcher, rastafari drum makers, pawn shops, car mechanics and even a witch doctor, in a 24-hour adventure around Port Paradise. SXSW Film Festival | 1h 16min | Creole | Drama, Comedy | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. | 2017 Trailer



This film is a class exercise from a Masterclass by Spiros Stathoulopoulos where he instructed: “Imagine you are 100 years old and you will die in the next days through euthanasia in Switzerland. You browse through your life’s collection of analogue photographs and select 50 photographs where each corresponds to a 2 year span. You arrange them chronologically, starting with the one between your birth and your 2nd year and end with the one between your 98th and your 100th year to ultimately create a visual time-line of your life-time. In this class you are 50 directors, what if each of you selects a 2 year span from a 100 year old character and film it? However, I have multiple filming restrictions, a couple of them being that dialogue and cutting is strictly prohibited.” Solar Cinema Academy | 100 minutes | No dialogue | Experimental | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. | 2015 Trailer



A story inquiring the Savant syndrome, a condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average. Homer was born with a tumor in his left hemisphere resulting in severe speech disabilities, however his right hemisphere naturally overdeveloped and his artistic abilities are that of a genius. Influenced by his brother’s condition, Allan, experiments with Transcraneal Magnetic Stimulation in healthy patients, in which he induces electric current at either of the brain’s hemispheres in order to create savant brains like Homer’s. Allan’s experiments become extreme, resulting in both awe inspiring and terrifying consequences that raise questions of the moral limits of human intelligence. In Development | 1hr 40min | Spanish | Drama | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. Trailer



Mara, a middle aged woman, is isolated on a mountain nursing her last love, Fructuoso, a decrepit old man who is paralyzed, speechless and who eats and breathes artificially. Mara experiences the menopause and her new awakening as a woman forces her to reflect on her desires and lust and pure hedonism. Solar Cinema Academy | 10 min | No dialogue | Experimental | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. | 2020 Trailer



A man experiments with the ironies of the psychological and sexual relations between sadism and masochism. Solar Cinema Academy | 8 min | Spanish | Drama | Produced by Andrés Gómez D | 2020. Full Film



SINCARD wakes up after a quarter of a century and experiments with the codes, values and modern ways of social interaction that have been transformed by technology. His archaic style exposes him to an endless number of ironic situations in which he makes a futile effort to conform to this new society. This piece confronts the viewer making him reflect on modern human interactions which are predominantly mediated by telecommunications and new technologies. Smartfilms Film Festival | 10min | No dialogue | Experimental | Produced by Andrés Gómez D. | 2016 Trailer



This film is a class exercise from a Masterclass with Spiros Stathoulopoulos, his instruction: “Suppose we cast a blind man as a film’s protagonist. While acting, he will perceive the set surroundings through his remaining senses. When he sits in a cinema as a spectator, he will use his sense of hearing to identify which image is being projected, hence, the blind man will no longer be a blind man. The blind brain also dreams so let’s ask our blind man about one of his dreams and have each of you direct, while blindfolded, a section of the dream and we premiere the film for him to ‘see’ his own dream in a cinema.” Solar Cinema Academy | 15min | 15 languages* | Experimental | Produced by Andrés Gómez D.| 2017 *Swedish, Sanskrit, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Turkish, Wayuu, Japanese, Danish, Hindi, Arab, German, Russian, French, Latin. Full Film



An explicit reply to Michael Haneke's invitation to dialogue, through cinema, about the medium's manipulation brought about the consumable treatment of violence and sex. [Violence as exemplified in Haneke's FUNNY GAMES] Not interested in festivals | 45 min | Greek, English, Spanish | Experimental | Produced by Solar Cinema and Candelaria Films | 2013

In mid 2019, Solar founder Andrés Gómez D partnered with advertising designer and artist
Andrés Caycedo Franco to create Solar Cinema Branded Content.  
This new business unit is focused on the writing and producing of cinematic commercials for selected clients.

For this writing and producing, a team has been assembled out of Solar Cinema’s frequent collaborating artists.
Besides their work with Solar Cinema, exhibited in the Filmography Section, here are the artist’s biographies
and a selection of their personal work outside Solar Cinema.


Screenwriter and Director

Greek-Colombian screenwriter and director recognized internationally as one of Colombia's most prominent auteurs. PVC-1 (2007) His debut PVC-1 was selected at the 60th Cannes Film Festival in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and won an award, followed by multiple awards in festivals including a FIPRESCI Prize. “With agents on the hunt for the next Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu directors employing a signature style like Stathoulopoulos emerged this year as the most sought after. Stathoulopoulos, whose single-shot 85-minute thriller PVC-1 caused a stir on the Croisette, signed with the agency after being chased by a phalanx of agents.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. METEORA (2012) With his second feature film METEORA, set in the UNESCO World Heritage eponymous medieval monasteries, he became the first director from Colombia to ever be nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. “Animated areas cleverly illustrate the characters’ inner states in dreamlike images. What they convey – guilt, hesitant desire, inner struggle – pairs extremely well with the otherworldly aspects of the landscape and the unspoken, uncontrollable erotic forces at work.” VARIETY. KILLING KLAUS KINSKI (2016) His segment KILLING KLAUS KINSKI, from the anthology film AMAZONAS, competed in Clermont-Ferrand. Currently develops his third feature film. Has created academic and experimental films with no commercial or festival interest. Coproduction Office sells PVC-1 and produced and sells METEORA


Clermont Ferrand - Competition

Full Film


Berlin Film Festival - Competition



Cannes Film Festival




Spanish director of photography working in films, music videos and commercials. Member of the Colombian Association of Directors of Photography (ADFC) and a former Canon ambassador. His films include "Bad Lucky Goat" by Samir Oliveros and "The Boy" by Craig Macnaill, and also the experimental films “Killing Klaus Kinski” and "Fucking Games" by Spiros Stathoulopoulos. Has shot music videos for top artists like David Bisbal, Juan Magan, Ana Guerra, Sebastian Yatra, Lalo Ebratt, Greeicy, Yera and Aitana among others. Has worked for production companies like Netflix, Dynamo, Demente, 36 grados, Imaginaria Films, Solar Cinema, La Octava, NatGeo, Capital Films, Presente, Turbo, Where Next, among others. And has also worked for brands like Nestlé, Ford, Honda, Éxito, Motorola, Carrefour, Avianca, Heineken, Dominos Pizza, Caracol, Rcn, Antena 3, Metro Medellin and Metro Bogotá. - His reel and one of his Commercials and Music Videos are exhibited in this site. To view all his work please visit his site -





Art Director

Has worked in advertising for more than a decade. He started his career at McCann Colombia where he grew from a temp to a junior art director working for clients such as American Airlines, Nestle, and GM. He then traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and worked with two associates on an independent project on web design and brand design for small local clients. He returned to Colombia where he worked as Art Director at JWT for Nestle, Banco Caja Social and Juan Valdez. Then he worked at Leo Burnett for Grupo Bolivar’s Davivienda and Seguros Bolivar. Returned to Mccann as Creative Graphic Director for ETB, and also worked for clients like Mastercard and Banco de Occidente. He later worked with Jaguar and Land Rover at Spark44, where he was briefly creative art director.


Graphic designer

“Graphic designer, vector freak, music supporter, creativity militant. Designing for the love of music, representing independent brands, working collectively with friends and colleagues, getting bigger project by project.” - Nicolás Molina


Visual Effects Designer and Postproduction Supervisor

Visual Artist working for over a decade in animation, post production, VFX design, general 3D and modeling. Works in film and commercials were he has collaborated with prestigious brands. In film he debuted as a director with a segment in the film ANTHROPOS, has been a post-production supervisor in multiple films including PVC-1 and as a VFX designer he created the Molly Aida steam-boat, the morpho butterfly and the deadly viper in KILLING KLAUS KINSKI. Holds a Master in animation and digital postproduction from Centro Integral de Estudios Especializados in Madrid, Spain. Studied cinematography at École Supérieur d’Études Cinématographiques in Paris, France and also screenwriting, producing and film distribution at Escuela Internacional de Cine in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.


Clermont Ferrand - Competition


Producer | Director | Editor | Founder of Solar Cinema

Colombian film producer, director and editor. Founded Solar in 2010 and since 2013, has redirected the company towards the production of experimental and non experimental films besides also establishing Solar Cinema Academy. Is a producer in three feature films and currently develops three more. Has completed LUZ(2019), BAD LUCKY GOAT(2017) and ANTHROPOS(2015). He develops CAVICHE, SAVANTS (His own directorial debut) and Spiros Stathoulopoulos' upcoming film. Has directed, produced and edited the experimental short films SINCARD(2016), RES(2020) and SEPARATION(In Post). Has also co-directed, produced and edited the experimental short film HEDONE(2020) and the experimental feature film ANTHROPOS(2015). Was the First AD in KILLING KLAUS KINSKI(2016) and FUCKING GAMES, which he also co-produced and co-edited. Outside Solar Cinema, he was briefly involved in the Netflix title TRIPLE FRONTIER(2019) . - Trailers for his work at Solar Cinema are exhibited in the Filmography Section -

Solar Cinema Academy is the academic branch of Solar Cinema and was founded in 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia.

As of 2019 an approximate 200 students from Colombia and other South American countries have attended the Academy. It offers short-term Masterclasses and Workshops in Bogotá, Medellín, and other South American cities. The main programs include directing, screenwriting, producing, acting and cinematography. Since its inception, it has been developing partnerships and holding its program with and within different universities such as Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and multiple cultural institutions.

The Academy selects faculty who are working professionals in their own fields.
Notable faculty include; acting coach and casting director Carlos Medina best known for his work in the Cannes Film Festival Camera d’Or winner LA TIERRA Y LA SOMBRA, versatile actor Alejandro Aguilar known for his roles in the Netflix title EL CHAPO as for EL PÁRAMO and LAS TETAS DE MI MADRE, spanish cinematographer David Curto best known for BAD LUCKY GOAT and writer-director Spiros Stathoulopoulos whose unorthodox Masterclasses delivered, as class exercises, the groundbreaking films POLYGLOT and ANTHROPOS which premiered in the Cartagena Film Festival.

The collection of past Masterclasses and Workshops is listed chronologically.
- Past event cover photos by David Curto -



by Spiros Stathouloupoulos SOLD OUT | September 2014 - Bogotá, Colombia



by Diego Gonzalez POSTPONED | February 2015 - Bogotá, Colombia



by Carlos Medina SOLD OUT | June 2016 - Bogotá, Colombia



by Alfonso Ortiz COMPLETED | September 2016 - Quito, Ecuador



by David Curto SOLD OUT | October 2016 - Medellín, Colombia



by Spiros Stathoulopoulos SOLD OUT | May 2017 - Bogotá, Colombia



by Spiros Stathoulopoulos | Alejandro Aguilar | David Curto | Andrés Gómez D. SOLD OUT | September 2017 - Bogotá, Colombia



by Andrés Morales COMPLETED | September 2019 - Bogotá, Colombia


Academy Director & Producer


Executive Producer


Executive Producer


Line Producer & Legal Department